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About Us

IDA is a biotechnology start-up established in November 2023 and based in Leuven, Belgium. Our heritage comes from sales&marketing of biomedical lab products and expanded to  R&D on secondary antibodies and recombinant proteins. We are dedicated to sustainability and innovation, translating our groundbreaking ideas and scientific knowledge into solutions.


  • To become global biotech company preferred with its value-added products by carrying out basic research and production in the field of genomics and proteomics within sustainable green environment.


  • Proteins, antibodies and kits manufacturing starting from R&D,
  • Product distribution,
  • Manufacturing intermediate and final products by providing research and development support activities for scientific studies,
  • Providing research lab services,
  • Involving in spin up reserach projects,
  • Colaborations with universities and research institutes,
  • To create an ecosystem that will add value for all employees not only in the field of biotechnology but also for themselves,
  • Using digitalisation.


  • Respect human, respect environment,
  • Focuse on your field,
  • Obey ethics and morality of the modern world.

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